Change Log

13/01/02 -- Transition over-ride bug fixed.
	-- API update:
	parameters.setScreenSize(...)  changed to -> pyzzle.setScreenSize(...) 
	parameters.setSlideSize(...)   changed to -> pyzzle.setSlideSize(...)
	parameters.setResolution(...)  changed to -> pyzzle.setResolution(...)  
	parameters.setFullScreen(...)  changed to -> pyzzle.setFullScreen(...)
	parameters.setTestMode(...)    changed to -> pyzzle.setTestMode(...) 

3/12/02 -- Documentation now added to cvs. 
	     - Code documentation added.

30/11/02 -- API change: Slide.setDelay() now tells pyzzle the Slide is a delay slide, not the delay time
		- API addition  Slide.setDelayTime() set the time in ms of delay

22/11/02  -- CVS code now at 0.8
		-Fixed windows file name issue. movie.py -> mov.py, 
		  image.py -> img and slide.py -> sld.py
		-API change Movie.play_image changed to Movie.playImage
		- API change Movie.play_trigger changed to Movie.playTrigger
		- API changes and code fixes
		- Improved zipmode API

21/11/02  -- API changes and code fixes
		- Updated paths API
		- Added Slide.updateState
		- Fix for the show game objects that have an alpha value > 0
		- Bug fix for initial objects that do not have 0 hidden alpha.
		- Object is now displayed in object rect when it is picked up.
	  	- Removed initializeObjects().
                - Added an example of the new alpha image to the demo game.
                - Removed Slide.alphaimage replaced with Image.setAlpha and others.
                - Fixed image.show, image.showimage for the new alpha function
		- Updated, Movie, Image, Sound, Object classes.

20/11/02 -- API changes:
                - Fixed Slide class, complete and inconsistencies removed.
                - custom navtype is now standard
		- added parameters.getZipMode()
		- Added parameter functions (incomplete)
		- Added pyzzle.setFirstSlide()
		- Bug fix: none_transition crash when entering objects fixed.

19/11/02 -- API changes: Removed Slide.slidechange replaced with Slide.onExitSlide
		- Added and extended Text API
		- Added and extended Object API

19/11/02 -- 1st Draft of the new API is added. Its still pretty rough but its in now.
	API work still to do:
		- Objects
		- Text
		- Check for completeness
		- Game parameters
		- Remove the slidechage function
		- Improve the zip function
		- Make sure it is consistent
	Some notables:
		- API now extends to defining slides rather then just logic. All the old Node elements 
		have been replaced by API calls.
		- Nodes are now referred to as Slides, to avoid confusion
		- contains element array has been removed from defining slides. (Finally).
		- Added OnExitSlide() method to replace slidechange function.
		- Over slide images, ambient sounds, sounds and movies are all declared 
		independitly of slides then added to each slide.
		And much more...

9/7/02 -- Delay slide chaining bug fix. Patch kindly provided by Drake Wilson. Zipmode feature 
added. API change: Slidechange function now split into separate slidechange, onEntrance 
and onExit functions.

6/7/02 -- movie.play_trigger(ArrayPos, myMovietriggerFn, useCursor) function added. Use this 
function to call logic a control function function after the mpeg has finished playing. To see it in 
action replace the movie.play function with the commented one behind it on line 157 of 

6/7/02 -- Basic in game objects now in CVS. Currently the objects cannot be used on slide but 
I will add this feature in the near future.

29/6/02 -- CVS code now at 0.7.5.

- 28/6/02 API complete and now in. After a major code restructure 
              and some bug fixes the new API is ready to go. Ill just do some 
              minor code cleaning and bug fixes and unleash Pyzzle-0.7.5 onto 
              the public.
- 25/6/02  New API implemented. It is still WIP but it is comming
		along nicely. Expect major changes to pyzzles file structure from now on.
		to run pyzzle you now run demogame.py with python.
- 21/6/02 pyzzle now required pygame-1.5 or greater. Goto www.pygame.org to download the latest version. Currently change ambient volume does not work. This will be fixed before the next package release. - 28/2/02 Advanced navigation transitions committed. The four options of None, Fastest, Normal and Best exist. Go and check them out. Documentation has also been updated to cover the usage of transitionfrom a game authors perspective. - 31/1/02 Pyzzle code now uptodate with the new docs. Changes include fixed spelling mistakes in sound functions and currentView and nextView vars changed to currentNode and nextNode. - 22/1/02 Loading and saving functions fixed. slide delay function added. - 18/1/02 0.2 has been entered into CVS with the new Orbis enviro. - 7/1/01 Pygames text module has been added it display text over a slide and is highly configurable. - 4/1/01 Pyzzle underwent a massive code restructure. Pyzzle now consists of many small modules that are simple to work with. Do not worry the game implementation side of Pyzzle has had only minor changes. Real-time functions for game implementation have also entered the scene. But more on those after the 0.2 release. mpeg play back has been temp removed, but back very soon. - 18/12/01 Mpeg looping play back has finally entered the scene. Its really rough at the moment so things might get interesting if you try to move the window or activate the menus etc... Its running ok but I just hack it in and the code needs to be reexamined and cleaned up. But its a start. A new dependency is required for Linux: smpeg, get it installed before grabbing the cvs or things will not work. - 1/12/01 Go searching for 3 new buttons and click the top one first. They all do things so have a good fiddle. - There is a little flicker glitch when the images are clicked. This will be resolved when I smarten the code. Its just caused because all the images are reloaded and redrawn to the display surface when and transition is made. Improving the functions so it one makes the necessary redraws and reloads is on the books. But I just want to get the rough features added. Then I'll smarten them up. - Because all of the original gloom 3d files were lost the new float over images look rather simple, (That is a major understatement they are a joke) but they do display some basic but important properties puzzles float over image feature has. - Saving and loading functions are not working because I have not updated them to handle the new logic states.