Old News:

18/2/02 -- System setup for game auther instrunctions now added to docs. Detailed instructions on win32 CVS usage and getting your system ready for game authoring has now been added to the Pyzzle documentation. Tuts will follow. So hurry up and get your system ready for some serious Pyzzle scripting.

4/2/02 -- Pyzzle-0.2-setup.exe online. Pygame-1.4 has been released allowing me to build the Pyzzle-0.2 exe file. Download it from here. Pyzzle-0.2.exe was built with an updated version of Pyzzle, the most notable change is the saving and loading functions are now working. So check them out.

31/1/02 -- Pyzzle documentation is online The 1st draft of Pyzzles long awaited documentation is online here. The tuts will be coming soon. All feedback is most welcome. Users are very welcome to summit tuts and code for use in pyzzles docs. Note some small changes in the code mean there are some minor inconsistencies with the 0.2 code (mainly spelling corrections). grab the latest cvs update for the corrections to the code.

19/1/02 -- Pyzzle-0.2 is here! Check out the feature additions and the new test environment. My favorite new feature is mpeg playback. Unfortunately the .exe files cannot be built until the new pygame pygame2exe.py script is finished (in about a week). But you can still run pyzzle from source.

4/1/02 -- Pyzzle underwent a massive code restructure. Pyzzle now consists of many small modules that are simple to work with. Do not worry the game implementation side of Pyzzle has had only minor changes. Realtime functions for game implementation have also entered the scene. But more on that after the 0.2 release. To see the new code grab the latest CVS snapshot here.

16/12/01 -- I have finally improved Pyzzle web site. Notable additions are extended FAQ page, Pyzzle CVS access, a new site structure and layout and this news section. Also the latest code can now be downloaded from Pyzzle's SourceForge CVS repository, instructions are here. I am making it a Pyzzle policy to update pyzzle-cvs when ever a new feature is added.