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Pyzzle gives you the power to build platform independent slide show games that combine the simplicity of Python with the freedom of open source software.

Project Status: beta
Current Version: 0.9


1/8/10 -- Code re-write complete. Lots of changes to report:

24/11/09 -- Development begins again. Work on Pyzzle will restart under a new developer. A rewrite is expected soon, which will borrow code from a recent Pyzzle game, Dryzzle.

16/11/04 -- No time. Due to the lack of time the re-write is not progressing. Feel free to email me, they all help and thanks for all your patience.

10/05/04 -- Complete code re-write. Pyzzle is currently undergoing a complete re-write. The re-write will have the same goals as the original code, but with these added features:

This makes the current code dead. Feel free to download and have a look, but I strongly recommend that the old code should not be used for any non-trivial games.

24/11/03 -- New Project: Insomia A new well named (: Pyzzle based project has sprung up. It sounds like a very original and cool idea.Check it out.

13/12/02 -- Australian Game Developers Conference Report.

Team Pyzzle is back in town. We had tonnes of fun at the conference. Full report here. A mention in a GameSpy article here.

28/11/02 -- Pyzzle will be displayed at the Australian Game Developers Conference. Pyzzle was short listed (excellent) for the Australian Game Developer award for the Best Unsigned Game. Hence the Team-Pyzzle will be manning a booth at the conference on December 7th and 8th to demonstrate Pyzzle to the masses and the judges. So if you are in Melbourne and attending the conference on the 7th or 8th of December drop in and say hi.

3/12/02 -- 1st draft of API documentation now on line. It is still quite rough. I need to go over it again to get the language consistent. But it is complete. Please report any errors. I have also added the documentation to CVS.

22/11/02 -- New version is here! - Pyzzle-0.8

Download here.
New features include:

Thanks goes to Drake Wilson for fixing the delay-chaining and transition bugs.

Next on the agenda: address path issue and documentation.

12/11/02 -- Pyzzle development recommences. After an unfortunate long development pause Pyzzle's is bonnet is now open. 1st on the list is the API, expect some major changes soon.

31/10/02 -- Road map to 1.0. With Pyzzle development recommencing soon I have completed the following road map to 1.0:

7/10/02 -- Welcome to the new look website.

29/6/02 -- Pyzzle-0.7.5 is here!!! With the new API, advanced navigation transitions, file, code and directory restructure. The end is in site. Please note that pygame-1.5 is now required to run from source. Unfortunately I have rendered pyzzle docs very obsolete with the new API and they have been removed. But will be back soon.

10/5/02 -- Planned features restructure. Pyzzle planned features have been restructured into a pre pyzzle-1.0 group and a post pyzzle-1.0 group. This was done to:
- give a better indication of how close pyzzle is to being complete.
- give a better indication of feature priority.
- produce a more solid stable 1.0 release.
- speed things up.

18/2/02 -- Pygame now Supports OSX. Pygame - 1.4 now supports OSX which means Pyzzle now supports OSX. I have written some general pointers on getting Pyzzle set up on a OSX box here.

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Thank You:

Pete Shinners of Pygame.
The Pygame community.
Rivenwanderer for Cavern.
Da Smith, for the Gloom the Castle of Doom and misc. graphics.
Malefico, for the rocking Orbis environment.
Joe Fleming for misc. graphics.
SourceForge for hosting Pyzzle.

Please email Andrew Jones for more information or feedback.